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We develop digital communication campaigns to inspire supporters
for social action, political campaigns, not-for-profits and brands.

because we are swell

what we do

We develop communication programs that build community, raise money,
and change minds - creative online campaigns that get people excited,
sharing, and activated to create real and lasting change.



We turn your good ideas into great ideas by developing actionable and measurable programs.



At our core we are problem solvers. People who understand what success looks like and how to get results.



What you say is important to you. How you say it is important to your readers. What people do with that information is important to us.



We develop social campaigns that cut through the chatter and speak directly to your supporters so they can activate their networks online and off.



We build handsome websites that drive action and provide clear and measurable ROI.



Our team fully engages with you and your campaign goals so you see real results fast.



We help moderate content, manage communities and create buzz for your social media campaigns.



Twitter is the world's public square, built on the principles of openness and free speech. We're all for the First Amendment at Swell, but what a sticky wicket free speech is when it comes to getting a handle on noise and abuse. Swell was brought in to help Twitter increase transparency, educate Twitter users on existing safety tools, and get the word out that Twitter takes hate speech and safety seriously.


On the heels of a successful campaign to defeat the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Google hired Swell to blue-sky concepts to avoid more flawed legislation ending up on the House Floor.


SEIU 2015 is the largest labor union in the nation and a strong advocate of social justice issues like raising the minimum wage, equal pay and immigrant rights. It's thanks in part to SEIU's provisional president, Laphonza Butler, that California now has a historic $15 minimum wage. An organization this large and influential should be a household name. Toward that end, Swell helped launch the new SEIU 2015, coordinating messaging to speak with a single voice and help fulfill the union's mission of serving both members and the public good.

Raise the Wage

Los Angeles isn't the first city to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour, but it is by far the largest with more than twice the population of San Francisco and Seattle combined. As a result of the Raise The Wage campaign, 800,000 low-income Angelenos will get a $5.9 billion raise, putting LA way out in front of the national debate. Here's how Swell, along with some amazing partners, organizers, and thought-leaders, made history.

Ovation TV

On January 1, 2013 Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks dropped Ovation from their channel lineup. Ovation is the only arts cable network in America and a key element in the national arts delivery system.

United Way LA

The United Way of Greater Los Angeles needed a fresh approach to reach a younger audience. We got to work creating a new brand, website and voice to help a new generation of Angelenos get excited about giving back.

The Hunting Ground Documentary

The Hunting Ground documentary sounded the alarm on a national crisis: 1 in 5 women in college will be sexually assaulted. Swell was brought on to amplify the film's urgent call for action. We re-started the social media feed and started to own the conversation around sexual assault on campus, growing our social reach 1,000 percent in the first several days. With a social media and email strategy firmly taking root, we turned our attention to releasing the official music video for Lady Gaga and Diane Warren's haunting "Til it Happens to You." Within 24 hours the music video had received 7 million views. In the months after its release, more than 30 million people had seen the video sparking a 34 percent increase in calls to the national rape hotline.

Truth on Prop. 32

In the summer of 2012, the backers of Proposition 32 had enough signatures to qualify for the California November ballot. Prop. 32's goal was to systematically eliminate working peoples' and unions' ability to participate in the political process by barring campaign contributions.

Saving the West

Where have all the cowboys gone? No, but seriously. The West is being turned into condos and strip malls at a rate of 6,000 acres a day. With it goes the romantic culture and spirit that helps define our national character. And also clean air and water, which are kind of important if we're going to keep the West, and the planet, habitable in the coming centuries. Swell was engaged to find a way to bridge the divide between urbanites, ranchers, conservationists and consumers, and drive a campaign to save the West.

Yes on JJJ

Winning is everything, especially when you're fighting for the soul of your city, and even better if you can do it spending less money than anyone else. Our campaign to bring desperately needed affordable housing to LA leveraged smart and funny social content to have a TV-sized impact on a grassroots budget.

Aspen Institute Task Force

An initiative supported by the MacArthur Foundation, the Aspen Task Force is a group comprised of 20 leaders in technology, public policy, education, business and online safety who are exploring learning in a connected age. The final report will be released in early 2014.

We Build Android

With 1.4 billion users, Android is by far the world's most popular operating system and, arguably, Google's most popular product after Search. Facing billions in potential fines and regulation that could cripple the platform, Google asked Swell to identify, educate and activate Android stakeholders.

Inner-City Arts

Inner-City Arts is one of the top arts education nonprofits in the country, giving kids from poor LA neighborhoods and money-strapped schools a world class arts education. When they hired Swell to get their digital tools up to speed and create an effective, online fundraising campaign, we knew there was more at stake than just hitting fundraising goals. We were working to foster LA's next generation of creatives and art-minded professionals.

The LA Fed

For more than 100 years, the Los Angeles Federation of Labor has fought for the rights of working people in Southern California. Swell was tapped to relaunch the Fed's brand and website in a way that did justice to that history while leaning into the future.

California Endowment

The California Endowment, a $3 billion foundation, needed more than a new website. It needed to re-think how it organized and promoted its countless campaigns, programs, and grantees. Swell took the the Endowment's digital presence back to the drawing board and delivered a completely new, modern digital experience worthy of the foundation's epic mandate, and worthy of a few design awards, too.

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